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Pool Features

  • PaymentID payments for Exchanges
  • PPLNS mining systems
  • Patched for the 127 transaction bug
  • Well-documented API with active development efforts
  • Set your own payment thresholds for normal wallets + exchanges!
  • Per-Worker hashrate charts
  • E-mail notification of miners down

Ports and info

  • pool.supportaeon.com:3333 difficulty starts at 5000
  • pool.supportaeon.com:5555 difficulty starts at 8000
  • pool.supportaeon.com:7777 difficulty starts at 10000
  • singapore.supportaeon.com:3333 difficulty starts at 5000
  • singapore.supportaeon.com:5555 difficulty starts at 8000
  • singapore.supportaeon.com:7777 difficulty starts at 10000


  • Email: support(at)supportaeon.com
  • We are on discord channel supportaeon.com

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Yet another mining pool, supportAEON.com

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New pool: supportAEON.com

Fee: 0%
Wallet Min. Payout: 0.25

Previously known as AEONpool.pl; has switched its domain towards supportAEON.com, and back-end has been moved towards French.

**Why change the domain?**

A more universal domain name; rather then been associated as *only* a Polish pool, we decided to switch.

**Why change the back-end?**

To be more accessible from multiple regions within Europe, we noticed that the network delays where marginal compare network improvements for other regions.

Our goal is to launch more pools around Europe to provide the best connectivity to our platform and support the growth of AEON!

Mining Pool Address: pool.supportaeon.com:

* Low end, port: 3333
* Mid range, port: 5555
* High end, port: 7777

Questions? Message on reddit or send an email towards: support@supportAEON.com

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